As a reseller, you are in total control with your customer like disable/enabling a user, kick a user, changing the password of a user, adding MAG devices, managing MAG devices and monitoring them The way it works is, you buy a certain amount of credits. we will give you a panel from which you can then manage your credits, add, edit, delete your customer´s subscriptions etc. So, for example, you buy 100 credits for 390 USD. Those 100 months worth of IPTV subscriptions you then resell to your clients at 10 USD per month. The difference between what you pay and what you charge is your profit (610 USD). You can also sell yearly subscriptions to increase your credit turnover and the year line count as 10 codes not 12

How to start making money?

Register with us and purchase your code package, then advertise your service to neighbors, family, users,…

  • 1 month Line = 0.1 code
  • 3 months Line = 0.3 codes
  • 6 months Line = 0.5 codes
  • 12 months Line = 1 codes

Reseller Package
Orders usually will be processed manually. Please be patient, we will deliver your service shortly after payment. We will deliver your service 5 mins to 12 hours after payment. If you didn’t received order in 12 hours please contact us and also check your Spam/Bulk folder first
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